LMPT - Coach (Code: LMPT9)

LMPT is standing for:

  • Light

  • Merkaba

  • Pyramid

  • Transformation

LMPT is a powerful transformation system for no longer relevant behavior patterns, transformation of shock experienced before including the echoes in the body, lack of experience, fear, hunger  and more.

At the same time it can be used to dieting, e.g. Abundance / wealth, joy, happiness, together with light Libraries, soul retrieval etc. It goes beyond the known transformation systems.

Who uses this system regularly walks the path to transcend ego and to take personal responsibility for his life.

This transformation system is associated with activation of the Merkaba and thus the light body. This increases the vibration of all bodies.

I am pleased to bring you this close system with which I have made many beautiful experiences.

I love the LMPT and use them whenever it is necessary to solve a problem, get answers and much more. I will given suggestions at the skype session or at the appointment, as well as the travel and information as MP3 are afterwards available, so that you can you fully concentrate on the energies.

After this you are able to coach other people to use the LMPT for their own system.

Please make sure, that you have visit the LMPT Class with 6 trips as a basic.

You will need a whole day about 6-8 hours in my office for this education. If you have any questions please send me an email Kerstin@ajasha.com before you book this class.

If you come from far away, please make sure, that you can stay overnight.

After booking and received payment I will make an appointment with you via email.


Price: 568.85 US Dollar
plus 5.3 % TAX
Delivery time: 3-4 weeks
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