Merlin Candle for Happiness (Code: CAN14)

Use this candle while meditation to increase your happiness within you. It will give you some zest in your life. If you have a specific intention write in on a paper, put the paper under a fireproof plate.

burns up to 3 hours


All candles are infused with the energy from my Crystal Skull Family including Dragons, Unicorns and Merlin!

Burning time for Merlin, small skull and small dragon up to 3 hours. Big skull up to 12 hours, big dragon up to 15 hours.

Write your intention on a paper, place it under the plate, burn your candle and meditate with it (I have heard that this wasn’t necessary, but can it hurt?)

For drawing things into your life the time between new moon (dark moon) and full moon would be the best.

But f. ex. Dragon shield, Merlin Magic Candles or Universal Knowledge could be burned any time.

Please burn the candle on a fireproof plate!

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