Australian Print Stone Jasper Crystal Skull for Adoption (Code: CSA21)

Every Crystal Skull has its own energy. Feel free to browse through the shop to find YOUR Crystal Skull, Unicorn, Merlin or Dragon.

Crystal: Australian Print Stone Jasper

Size: 2.3"

Weight: 4.7oz 135 gramm

Crystal Skulls are a part of the ancient source. Another form of consciousness. An awareness that it is linked closely to the source. In a form that enables us to communicate with them. At the same time the shape of the skull is a reminder of how knowledge is held and how the knowledge of the universe waiting to be rediscovered in order to draw from it. Crystal Skulls help us to promote healing by allowing us a vibration that is optimal at the moment for healing.

The Crystal Skulls offer us the opportunity with you or with the Crystalline Entity to communicate with them, to ask them or/and to get help from them. Provided we welcome them in love with us. They heal by the way - without words - as you can feel the energy.

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