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In our energy field there are things that are imperceptible to the naked eye. These include the chakras (Sanskrit: chakra means wheel), the aura (which is the field around the physical body) and some more. And yet they exist and now is also scientific.

There are 7 main chakras :

  • 7 Root Chakra
  • 6 Sacral Chakra
  • 5 Solar Plexus Chakra
  • 4 Heart Chakra
  • 3 Throat Chakra
  • 2 Brow chakra ( third eye)
  • 1 Crown

In many cultures, the chakras are already part of the healing path. Our energy system reacts on the chakras. I feel quite warm your heart or I have a good feeling are just some of the expressions with which we talk about something that we do not  “understand " . If the Chakras "blocked" in their flow by turning something they are no longer working correct and something comes into our lives to a standstill.
You can through conscious breathing chakras already moving again. There are various techniques. Some of them I've tried, and even expanded. I am happy to explain you this in person before we start with the chakra balancing.
A further possibility is the chakra balancing with the crystal skulls :
With the help of individually selected just for you Crystal Skulls from my Crystal Skull family , it is possible to nourish the chakras with crystalline energy and gentle to solve this by dieting blockages. At the same time you can find out a vibration increase, so that blockages can drain away quickly. This healing can also be done.
This may be because you realize that some blockages in the outer resolution time or are even already solved, but it may also be that you still "stumble" on a topic that is you are not previously been aware of. Perhaps at the moment is also first nothing palpable - everything is possible.

I reserve 30 minutes for you.

7 Series Crystal Skull Chakra balancing (for the 7 major chakras ) Duration with subsequent explanation

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